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Residence for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Residence Visa
Main Requirements

Principal applicants must be able to show that:

  • they have successfully establised a business in New Zealand that realises all of the benefits in their business plan
  • the business is benefiting New Zealand significantly
  • the business complies with employment and immigration law, and
  • the same or greater amount of capital has been invested in the business as outlined in the business plan

All applicants must meet health and character requirements for residence

Principal applicants must meet minimum standards of English (IELTS 4)

Other applicants must either meet minimum standards of English (IELTS 4) or pre-purchase ESOL training.

Two Year Option

Principal applicants must:

  • have been employed in that business for two years, and
  • hold Entrpreneur Work Visa, LTBV or visa which allows self-employed

If a principal applicant holds an open work visa, they must demonstrate that they and their business would have met the requirements to have been approved for an Entrepreneur Work Visa

Six Months Option

Principal applicants must:

  • have been self-employed in that business for at least six months
  • have invested at least $500,000 (excluding working capital)
  • have created at least three ongoing and sustainable full time jobs for New Zealand citizens or residents, and
  • hold an Entrepreneur Work Visa or a LTBV

Residence will be granted with conditions that can be lifted after the principal applicant has run the business for two years.


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